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Children Praying


Our FUN preschool is for children 3 to 5 years old and runs from September through May/June, depending on each school year. 
Our sessions for 4 to 5 year-olds are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 am – noon.
Our sessions for 3 year-olds are Tuesday & Thursday from 9 am - 11 am.


We learn, care, share, serve, and   celebrate through God’s love in Christ.



The early experiences of a child are very important.  We seek to provide

a stimulating, loving, and secure environment in which children will learn and grow spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and  physically.  We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a warm, Christian atmosphere that nurtures and provides for learning through play and varied classroom and community experiences.


Under the guidance of our wonderful Melissa Phillips, certified in early childhood education and with an emphasis on kindergarten readiness, your child will be introduced to the alphabet, numbers, and shapes in a positive, social-based setting.

Our curriculum includes activities to encourage development with small and large motor skills, early math concepts, language, science, art, and music.  Sessions offer enrichment and learning through fun participation with scheduled days for field trips, chapel, and cooking.  A classroom computer with age appropriate software is incorporated in activity time.



   To love and accept self.

   To feel accepted and loved.

   To feel secure in the environment.

   To discover things one can do.

   To accept the idea that there are things one cannot do.

   To grow in the ability to cope with a wide range of feelings.

   To grow in the ability to trust self.

   To develop interests and experiences which broaden the child’s aptitude for future learning.


   To enjoy the love and friendship of God through Christ Jesus.

   To acknowledge God as Creator.

Registration Fee:  $50          Monthly Tuition Fee:  $140 (4-5 years old)

                                                                                            $60 (3 years old)          Class Size: 10 Children

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