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Youth Fusion is hitting the ground running this year. We have such exciting things planned. We will be resuming our yard work for members. All donations accepted will go towards Fusion activities. Yard work will be every other Saturday. Please schedule with Becca. Movie nights have been scheduled for the summer. We have plans for camping, bowling, swim party/BBQ at my house, two-night stay somewhere TBD . We will be more active during church services, including a puppet show/helping Pastor Alan with the children's sermon, singing, and dancing. We will be asking for donations throughout the year in hopes to adopt a family for Christmas. We will continue our Annual New Year's Eve Lock-In. We are even considering hosting a Tea Party for the ladies of the church later this year. If you have a youth in grades 5-12 who is interested in joining, please reach out to me. We are looking forward to being an active presence in the church and helping out our congregation.

Becca Matchey

Youth Group Leader

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