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April 7, 2023 – Good Friday – 7:00 Tenebrae Service

“Tenebrae" is the Latin word meaning "darkness." The service of Tenebrae is an adaptation of medieval Roman Catholic practices for each of the days of Holy Week dating back to the ninth century. This service of readings and hymns will recall the events surrounding Jesus’ death. Lights will gradually dim and give way to total darkness as we contemplate the darkness that surrounded Jesus as He willingly took our sins upon Himself so that we might be forgiven. The story of the suffering and death of Jesus from John’s gospel is divided into readings. After each segment of the story is read, a candle is extinguished. The final story of the burial is read in near darkness. Worshipers then leave in silence to ponder the impact of Christ's death and to await the celebration of the coming Resurrection. All are welcome to this powerful service.

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