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Trinity Lutheran confesses that the true Christian Church is neither a building nor a  denomination.  Rather, the  Church is the gathering of the people of God  around Word and Sacrament.   These are means by which God's Grace comes to us, and the new creation begun by the Resurrection of Christ Jesus is experienced in this world.   Trinity Lutheran is a "full service" church, providing both authentic and faithful preachings and  the  "efficacious" use of sacraments of  baptism and the Lord's Supper.  All these create faith in those who Christ has called to be His own.

We recognize the authority of Scripture as God's Holy Word.  In this context, "Holy"  includes that the Word does what the Lord intends, and in accordance with His Will.  It declares  God's Law, and proclaims the Gospel of forgiveness of sins and the promises of God through Christ Jesus   These includes the promise of eternal life.

In response to these gifts, we believe that at Trinity you will find a place where families and individuals in all situations  are welcome, to become a part of the Body of Christ,  serve our beautiful community in the Lewis and Clark Valley, and grow in faith, love and hope.

And while you're  here on this page,  share your comments, questions and prayer concerns.  If a response is indicated, we will try to get back within a day.   -   As the newly called disciples said, "Come and see".

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